Client Experiences

Alicia has the gift of intuition.  She sees past the obvious, listens beyond the words and goes to the core of the matter very quickly.


Alicia was gracious when I confessed that I was skeptical in our first session and she was undeterred. I soon realized that her strength lay in her ability to cut to the core of any matter and to guide me to see situations from a holistic perspective in ways I would never have noticed before. She notices themes and patterns where others see only disconnected elements. This has been invaluable to me. Her honesty and courageous authenticity have provided me a confidential sounding board. I realized that it is lonely at the top and I had not realized this until I worked with her. I highly recommend her to anyone in positions of authority who need a critical evaluator and great listener to help you navigate the complexities of today’s world.


I was really nervous about making the investment in coaching with Alicia.  But I found out it was so worth it; I only regret I didn’t find her sooner. Working with Alicia moved me past fear that had paralyzed me and kept me unfocused, frustrated and wasting time and energy. In our first session she honed in on what was keeping me stuck and helped me define the kind of work that would align with my goals and aspirations. She is very practical. Without her help I might still be stuck in a job that kept me stagnant and didn’t allow me to grow. Now I’m in a job I enjoy.  I’m sure I’ll work with her again.


I value Alicia’s ability to be present to whatever is happening in the moment.  She has taught me how to maintain calm and centered even in difficult situations.


After working with Alicia I was able to leave behind old stories that limited me and my potential. She saw more in me than I was able to see in myself.  I enjoy how she uses stories, metaphors, humor and ideas to help me see the world differently making so much more possible than I would’ve imagined.


She just gets it! She knows more about her clients than they know about themselves. She is highly intuitive and able to explore her insights with me in a way that I can receive new information. She is both compassionate and tough when needed. I enjoy her directness and her warmth. I look forward to my sessions with her because I know that after our meeting something new and wonderful will open up for me.


Alicia brings many years of experience working with people at all levels and from everywhere in the world.  One reason I hired her was because she has seen so much through her experience with hundreds of clients but also because she is always challenging herself to go beyond her capabilities. She models daring and courage and is an inspiration to me.


Even years after working with Alicia I still refer to my coaching notes. She is a wise teacher, much more than a coach. She is an advocate for my development and is always encouraging me to keep learning and stretching. Unlike other coaches that just talk about it she practices what she preaches.


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