Ignite Annapolis: Lessons from An Accidental Paddler

Ignite Annapolis: Lessons from An Accidental Paddler



Speaker and Facilitator

As a speaker I inspire audiences to expand their perspective and open to new possibilities for their lives, work and ways they can impact others. My keynote on Ten Lessons on Fierce Leadership for Women Who Lead provides a roadmap for powerful and authentic feminine leadership.

At heart I am a storyteller, imbuing my stories with imagery and humor with lessons that remain long after the presentation. Audiences awaken to a renewed sense of being, shifting from doubt to confidence and from ordinary engagement to extraordinary action.  Speaking helps me clarify the truth for others, so that they can see their place in the world with fresh eyes.

Ten Lessons On Being Fierce: For Women Who Live, Love and Lead Powerfully

Listen to the podcast based on a keynote talk Ten Lessons On Being Fierce.  In this presentation I'll take you with me on my adventures in Ecuador and share the lessons learned by stepping way out of my comfort zone in a remote rainforest with a family of Shamans.


“Busy-ness” is a thief that robs us of our purpose and passion. The worst part is, it’s something we’ve invented to keep us from accessing abundant joy. In my work with clients, I’ve seen firsthand how stillness and mindfulness helps us recover our inspiration, intuition, and inner voice that sets us upon a more fulfilling path. In this talk, I’ll share the steps you can take to create an environment that encourages stillness and taps into your innate childlike wonder. You’ll hear practical ways to incorporate awareness and intention into your daily life, and new consciousness to avoid what zaps your energy from authentic happiness.


We live in a state of hypervigilance, running from invisible predators and doing our best to survive imaginary threats. There’s a campaign of fear active in our world that, paradoxically, keeps us entranced by the illusion of safety and security. This kind of generative fear pervades our culture, our thinking, and most importantly, our spirituality. As a result, we feel fragmented and disconnected from ourselves and each other. In this talk, I share personal stories about facing fear from my own past and present, and how I regularly engage the ‘dragon’ within to create transformational shifts in my life and my work. In select passages from my book, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You, you’ll hear more about the two faces of fear we must conquer, and how that energy can be used to transform fear into energy and the unknown into motivation. This talk is perfect for helping leaders of any level overcome their own self-created obstacles and replace doubt with confidence.


I’ll be the first to admit it: I much prefer the comforts of the everyday to the discomfort of the unknown. In this talk, I share stories from my walks through the wild rainforests of Ecuador, letting you into my private conversations to understand how I use uncertainty to drive me forward. You’ll find yourself laughing at the irreverent humor within, as we walk together to encounter the wild side of Ecuador and the cavernous corners of our own lives. This talk speaks to the way we create our identity and self-worth, and how a walk through an unlikely landscape can transform the way we see ourselves.

 Ignite Annapolis: Lessons from An Accidental Paddler

Ignite Annapolis: Lessons from An Accidental Paddler


We learn about ourselves in the most unexpected ways when we put ourselves in the most unexpected places. Suddenly, our vulnerability, tenacity, and grit are exposed, leaving us to either embrace or exert force against them. By connecting these unexpected realizations to the act of kayaking, one of my favorite hobbies, I’ll help you understand how to prepare yourself for a deep dive into courage, simplicity, empowerment and leadership. I believe that lessons learned on the water translate beautifully between life, work, and play. A splash of humor, a drop of inspiration, and a lasting transformation bring this talk alive with lessons that leave a ripple.