Sometimes, you need the ocean light, and colors you’ve never seen before painted through an evening sky. Sometimes you need your God to be a simple invitation not a telling word of wisdom.
— David Whyte, Poet, Second Sight, From Pilgrim: Poems by David Whyte

Vacation TransfoRmation

Are you feeling bored with your life or simply numb?

Nothing inspires you and you’re feeling like your life revolves around your obligations.

Are you feeling like you’re being pulled in a thousand directions none of which come from your own heart, simply following directions from others who tell you who and what you should be?

Do you feel like you’re drifting through your days, without any real purpose?

Is life challenging you to make a BIG change? You know you need to change SOMETHING but you’re not sure what that is let alone how to do it.

Have you forgotten what it feels like to be joyful, inspired and at peace with who you are?

I can help.


Join me at my home on the coast of ecuador.

Engage your life. Don’t escape it. Our work includes quiet time, deep conversations, journaling, adventures exploring the natural wonders of our coast, home cooked meals that nourish the body and soul, sunsets on the beach and so much more.

“I'm like the sextant that sailors use to navigate by the stars. When you can't see where you're going, I help you find your way.” ~ Alicia

Personal retreats in Ecuador
I worked with Alicia whose depth and intuition was beyond anything I’ve known. I could peel back the layers of fear.
I learned self love is the greatest love I will ever need and to be with myself never by myself. Every sunset had a new deeper meaning and appreciation for those I care for. I found my lost spirituality in the hills and reconnected with the earth digging up and planting nutritious foods and plants. My senses are so open I can feel and see things I had become blind to.
Thank you for showing me what was missing, for being my mirror.
— V. P.
Personal Getaway Retreat

A Personal Getaway

A Time to recalibrate and renew

A Personal Getaway is ideal for writers who need to finish their book, artists who need inspiration to connect to their muse or individuals who are looking for a sanctuary from the chaos of life. Talk to me about taking your very own Time In to relax, reflect and renew.

In this affordable DIY 7-night retreat take a break from the intensity of your life and use this time to be still and focus on your creativity, health and wellness.  It's time to pay attention to your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.

The Shift Retreat

The Shift retreat

Stillness to hear your deepest longing

What if you had all the time in the world to focus on yourself, explore your purpose or take a time in for reflection and space to make significant life decisions with the support of your personal wisdom partner?

My one-week no frills, no agenda, no group SHIFT RETREAT is designed to give you the space and support to retreat from your everyday stresses and build in the time and openness to work one/one with me for transformation on shifting your mindset and your life. Come by yourself or bring a friend to support you.

The Burning Question Retreat

The burning question

clarity. purpose. plan.

Being here means you're free to focus on yourself without the pressures of your daily life. Bring your burning question; a question that you need to resolve or a decision you need to make, help with a life transition, or simply clarity on where you want your life journey to take you. 

It's the only way to really listen to what’s real and true for you without the influences of your daily responsibilities. You are my only retreat client during this week! I work with you before, during and after the retreat.


Here is what some of my visitors say about their personal retreat with me in Ecuador.

(Initials only to maintain privacy and confidentiality).

Two years after my husband passed away, I arrived lost, broken, sick, and feeling more alien and alone than I have ever felt in my life. Ten days later, I am transformed.

I can’t explain what happened. I only know that my life was over and now, thanks to Alicia, it’s beginning again. I feel centered, open, at peace, and, most importantly, HAPPY — in a way I didn’t think was possible.

This was a life-altering experience, and I am forever grateful.
— Joan S.
I haven’t been able to put words to the experience. Groundbreaking is one that keeps coming up.
— W.E.

Alicia helped me to shift my perspectives and mindset and really let go of my fears. During our conversations I could physically feel the weight lift off my shoulders, my face would become brighter, and it became easier to breathe. My personal work with Alicia was truly groundbreaking…I found power and confidence and a huge sense of clarity, confidence, energy & motivation within myself.

If you’re looking for a personal one-on-one retreat, look no further. Alicia Rodriguez is an incredibly intuitive coach, writer, and who I would recommend to anyone looking for the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself.
— Michelle M.

Alicia has guided me to cultivate and listen to my energy just by paying deep attention. She acts as a mirror that helps point you in the right direction but you still have to do the work. She won’t do it for you and THAT IS UBER RARE in this world. It’s been a beautiful experience so far and I am grateful to have her as a guide and mirror on my life journey.
— Katy Y.
I long for the quality and quantity of my self-time in Ecuador... I’m actually fantasizing about coming back in the next 4-6 months just to fill back up on that energy!  We did manage to change my daily life. I plan on working in additional items (meditation in particular).
— J.F.L