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Work With Me

If you've come this far, then it may be that my story and yours are resonant. Regardless of where you are on the planet, I'd love to hear your story, share in your dreams and support you in rewriting your personal narrative into the masterpiece that is your life.

Here are three ways we can work together. Each has its own level of intensity. 

All require a commitment on your part to shift to a focused and conscious development of your Being.

I, for one, am totally up for that. How about you?


Individual Mentorship

I work with a limited number of individuals. You must be fully committed to a creative process whose origin is deeper than the transactional with results that are grounded in the practical world.


Vacation transformation

Join me for a one/one retreat intensive in Ecuador as you learn to move through life's crossroads with grace and ease, renewing your spirit and stepping into a new story about who you are as the fullest expression of your spirit.

Alicia M Rodriguez Transformational Coach

Online and Free courses

Convenient self-facilitated courses are available to you online. I share my years of experience in leadership and personal development through easy to follow courses that you access at your convenience.