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Some people come to me knowing what they want to accomplish. They understand their situation and what support they need to get to the other side of what they are facing. 

Others have an uneasy feeling, not quite sure what they need, but they know something is off and they need someone to help them get clear on what's blocking them, then put a plan in place to move forward.

“Start close in,don’t take the second stepor the third,start with the first thing close in,the step you don’t want to take.”— David Whyte, Poet.png

You may not know exactly what you need...

You may just have an intuition that there is something more waiting for you...but you're not sure what that is.

You may know that you need to reconnect to a deeper wisdom within you to clarify what's next for you.

But you're not sure how to access that deeper wisdom.

I'm here to LISTEN.

To help you IDENTIFY what's in the way, no matter how hidden that is.

And to GUIDE you to the next steps on your journey.


My programs are designed to help you intentionally create a life that brings your heart and mind into alignment so you experience greater meaning, joy, peace and purpose in your life.

All include e-mail support between sessions, simple assessments, resources, our prep and follow up and more.

All sessions are conducted by Skype, Zoom or Phone.

A few ways to get started working together.

 Complete a questionairre and receive feedback quickly.

Complete a questionairre and receive feedback quickly.

virtual session

No meeting required. Simply book a time slot, complete the form and within 2 days you'll have my thoughts, perspectives and insights delivered to your inbox in video.

This is perfect for the busy person who needs some quick insights without spending an hour in a session.

 Leave with clarity and insight, get unstuck and move forward.

Leave with clarity and insight, get unstuck and move forward.

Clarity & Insight

Sometimes all you need is someone to listen and distill your ideas, thoughts and feelings. 

This one and a half hour laser session is for clients who need clarity, are open to new perspectives and are curious about their hidden possibilities. 

 Dig deeper and experience confidence and success

Dig deeper and experience confidence and success

Build confidence

These sessions are best for digging a bit deeper to understand what's keeping you stuck and building confidence and creating a plan to move forward. 

This package is best when only one session is not enough.


If you're looking for leadership development that combines heart AND mind, body AND spirit and you want to lead more purposefully while maintaining your health, wellbeing and inspiration, then visit my leadership development website at Sophia Associates, Inc.



We are often our own biggest obstacle in accomplishing true empowerment, so the digging deep process Alicia so aptly directs can easily become one of the greatest gifts of working with her. Alicia gives introspective guidance as well as practical hands-on time management tips so ‘more of your time’ truly becomes ‘more of your time’.
— Monique Castillo, Higher Ground Financial
Monique Castillo.jpg
You have given me invaluable words of wisdom and trains of thought to bring me back when my mind goes astray!
— Anne B, Washington DC
Alicia helped me think that I always can do and accomplish my dreams. She has the ability to increase someone’s focus and find purpose in life.
— Israa K, Dubai
I am between jobs; looking for my next role. Sessions like this are very energizing.
— Michelle R, Washington DC