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Career and Life transitions

It happens to everyone.

You change.

You evolve and grow.

Maybe for you there's an inkling that grew into a whisper that gradually got louder becoming the irresistible call to change.

For some people it's unexpected and unwelcome. A loss of some sort...a job, a divorce, or the death of someone that wakes you up to your own life and a desire to find greater meaning and purpose.

Or maybe after years of cubicle life, climbing the career ladder and giving so much of yourself to an organization, you're feeling stagnant and your creativity is stifled. It's time to take the leap into creating a business that creates the lifestyle and freedom you deserve.

Perhaps over so many years you've experienced a longing to do something, to find a way to express something important to you, something from your heart but the world demanded something different and you acquiesced.  Until now.


I'm here to help you step into the future so your life flows and you experience more purpose, peace, meaning and joy. 


Let's Work Together

This one hour laser session is for clients who need some clarity around a transition they are experiencing. You'll leave with new perspectives on how to move forward

This is a great way to get to know one another and build your self confidence. You'll know if working with me is right and if you're ready to go further.

We'll discuss what you need to do to move through your transition with greater ease and less struggle.

These sessions are best when you need to shift your mindset and remove obstacles to moving forward.

Within three sessions you'll build momentum while you assess what matters most to you and how to identify the right steps to take. You'll engage new practices as you explore your emerging future.

Best used when only one session is not enough but an extended engagement is not necessary or possible.

If you want consistent support, proven techniques and extreme focus that will keep you moving forward quickly toward your desired outcome.

You'll experience my three phase strategy for moving through transitions. We will co-create a step by step process to gracefully move through your life transition that will have you experience more ease and less struggle.

Greg Stevens
“I just finished a remarkable three months of career transition coaching with Alicia Rodriguez. To say the experience was transformational would be an understatement.  Alicia held me accountable throughout our work together, which was essential in getting me from discovery to commitment to action about my career plans, in particular my own career coaching practice. This is something I’ve long envisioned but hadn’t articulated or taken action on with the level of focused intent that Alicia helped me attain.  Alicia is thoughtful, sensitive, intuitive, smart, funny, and above all, authentic. She made having this time and space to wonder a life-changing experience I’ll never forget.”  — Greg Stevens | Career Development Coach
Don’t let Alicia’s warmth fool you. She was tough when I needed it most. She balances her directness with a good dose of love. She wants the best for you expecting you to show up wanting it more and doing the work. She helped me shift from an ending I wasn’t handling well to the excitement of new beginnings. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in helping me redesign my life after selling my business.” --- Jim Caine, former CEO