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Lots of them...

But how will you know what to focus on with everything you have to do to run your business or lead your team?

Who will you confide in that can be objective, maintain confidentiality and challenge your assumptions and beliefs?

With everything you need to do, how can you avoid burning out or missing vital information?

Do you have time to research and scan the internet for best practices to incorporate, leadership skills to improve, better systems to save you time and money or new ways of running your business?

What would be possible if you worked with a thinking partner and sounding board who had over 20 years of experience working with global corporate leaders and savvy entrepreneurs with all the secrets and success tips born out of these relationships?

I'll be the advisor you've been looking for that will listen deeply, collaborate on your best ideas and hold you accountable to the goals and dreams you want to manifest.


You don't have to do it all yourself. As your thinking partner, advocate and truth teller I'm here to hold the space for you to become "limitless" as a human being and as a leader. 


let's work together

This one hour laser session is for clients who have worked with me previously or would like to try one coaching session without committing to a full engagement.

For professionals who are looking for a truth-teller, advocate and thinking partner to better focus and manage their time and energy. Learn best practices for living and leading with heart and mind in balance.

For professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders: Improve your leadership skills, learn to work more efficiently and effectively and still maintain your authenticity while you build confidence.

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The time I spent with Alicia was an invaluable journey in my career development. She taught me about authentic leadership and how to inspire others to be their best. How to motivate and excite teams and engage on a higher level. Her coaching instilled confidence and reflection in the way I work with others. Her approach is direct and honest, always driving home the core principles of what makes a great leader. My time with Alicia was immensely rewarding, both professionally and personally! - Electa Varnish, Sr. Vice President, Sales, Nautica