Alicia M. Rodriguez

I’m Alicia and this is sophie


The best way to get to know one another is through my writing and my community.

I’ll provide you with new ways of thinking, practical strategies to better manage your busy life and I’ll teach you how to live with intention.

I invite you to subscribe below and get inspired, supported and even laugh out loud sometimes.

If there is anything you’d like me to write about simply email me. If you’d like to learn more about my background click here.

In the meantime, Sophie and I may be found at our beach on the coast of Ecuador. Big hugs to you!

Inspirational Writing

simple wisdom

Simple Wisdom is my newsletter. I provide inspiration and very practical ways to improve your life. It comes out twice a month. You’ll discover new ways of thinking about your life, and you’ll learn how to make changes that actually last. Well worth a few minutes a month.

Inspirational Writing Personal Development

blog posts

Get inspired. My writing goes deeper than practical tips for improving your life. This is soul writing. Sometimes poetic, sometimes difficult and sometimes joyful. No matter what comes through me, it will open your heart and shift your mindset.

Group coaching for women

the coffee collective

You’ll find me hanging out with some of the most soulful and badass women over coffee four times a month. Head over to The Coffee Collective if you’re a professional woman who doesn’t swoon over the word spiritual and likewise takes no prisoners when it comes to what matters most. Join us for coffee and bold conversations!