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Alicia M. Rodriguez - Writer | Storyteller | Catalyst

Alicia M. Rodriguez - Writer | Storyteller | Catalyst

Thank you for traveling with me on this journey called life.

CONSCIOUS LIVING IS about identifying what really matters to you, accepting that you’re capable of much more (and deep inside you know this) and intentionally creating a roadmap of consistent habits, open mindsets and simple practices.

Conscious Living allows you to bring your heart and mind into alignment, experience more peace and joy and find the right avenues to express your creativity and purpose.

Conscious Living is a life that is lived intentionally, not living at the whim of circumstance.

It means making intentional choices that align with your overall well-being while clearing a path for your intuitive voice to whisper the truth.

It means choosing self-love over selfishness, honoring what feels good, and nourishing life-giving relationships.

Conscious Living puts you at the center of your universe – in a good way. 

You shift from “the world acts upon me” to “I act upon the world”.

It does not mean that you control everything. It means you manage your response to what is happening.

This is a practice

We don’t always choose well. We make mistakes.

Being conscious means learning from your mistakes. It’s takes the negative energy and transforms it into creative energy that generates movement forward. It means learning from your mistakes so you choose more wisely and intentionally the next time.