Ten Principles for Conscious Living

Ten Principles Cover.jpg
Ten Principles Cover.jpg

Ten Principles for Conscious Living


Conscious living means choosing to live and thrive with pure intention, not living at the whim of circumstance.

It means making intentional choices that align with your overall well-being while clearing a path for your intuitive voice to whisper the truth.

It means choosing self-love over selfishness, honoring what feels good, and nourishing life-giving relationships through practical spirituality.

Conscious living is the antidote to “either/or” scarcity thinking that tells us that we are not enough. It’s the ease, space, and simplicity that we crave in a cluttered world; the lightness of being that comes with sorting through the heavy things that no longer serve us.

Taking the practices in this e-book and applying them in your life will bring a higher awareness into your life experience. You will learn to choose well and finally become the center of your universe.

If you are looking for a guide along your path, please contact me at Alicia@aliciamrodriguez.com.

As your mentor and witness to radical change, I’ll guide you through the emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual planes so that you may access your best learning, feeling, and perceiving.

My goal is to create a safe space for dialogue, feedback, and collaboration so that you emerge fully equipped to own your life—from the inside out.

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