Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You


Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You


Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You represents the culmination of Alicia Rodriguez’s years of experience as a writer, entrepreneur, and executive coach working with individuals to manage the complexities of their lives. With equal parts wisdom, humor, and tough love, Rodriguez offers 365 days’ worth of bite-size inspiration, practical tips, and reflective inquiries that help us reorient our thinking and behavior toward more joy and less stress. By supporting even the smallest steps we make in this pursuit, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You shows us how to restore vitality to our professional lives, relationships, and self-confidence, one day at a time.

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What they are saying:

In the personal journey of awakening it is always a challenge to remember to be present. Alicia has given us a modern day discipline to keep us engaged and ever deepening in our pursuit. How do we do that? One day at a time. This is the message and inspiration that Alicia gives us. This book is a gift not to be missed.

Alan E. Shelton, Author of Awakened Leadership: Beyond Self- Mastery

Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You is a book of daily reminders to help us live authentically.  365 well thought out and carefully crafted readings, tips, and beautiful inspirational guidance to set your life compass daily!  I love it, and have no hesitation in recommending this book to my students, colleagues and friends.  It's a book that serves.  

Michael Lee, MA, Founder - Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy and author of Turn Stress into Bliss

Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You is a brilliantly beautiful book that can guide you to a happier and more fulfilling life.  Drawing on her years of experience as an advisor, guide and coach, Alicia Rodriguez offers bite size bits of daily reflection that, when consumed over the course of a year, can make a huge positive difference in your life.

Scott Eblin, best-selling author of Overworked and Overwhelmed: The Mindfulness Alternative.

Alicia Rodriguez delivers 365 bite-sized daily nuggets of inspiring yet practical wisdom in her new book, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You.  This brilliant guide to joy is the antidote to stress and absolutely perfect for the overwhelmed, overworked, over-busy person who doesn't have time to read a whole book. Whether you go through it in order, or just flip it open at random and find one practice for each day, you'll have a year of Alicia's gentle guidance on your journey to joy." 

Suzi Pomerantz, CEO of Innovative Leadership International and bestselling author of Seal the Deal.

As a masterful coach with many years' experience in working with clients to transform their lives, Alicia knows that the best way to make change stick is to take it in manageable chunks.  The format of her new book takes that principle and walks with you to make those small steps happen incrementally until one day you realize you've come a long way along your path to a whole different way of living your life.  Bravo!

Beth Bloomfield, Editor, How to Become a Leadership Coach

Alicia Rodriguez, through 365 well-crafted messages, gives us the power to look at each day with our eyes wide open to new ways of seeing. This daily dose of altered perspective can drive us to action. Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You, gives us useful guidance to turn our lives around one small step and one day a time.

Patricia H. Troy, CAE
Association Executive and author of Flex: The Virtual Office Advantage