2 Hour Mentorship

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2 Hour Mentorship



In this two-hour intensive session you’ll focus on resolving one key challenge in your life and work. You will identify what is getting in the way of taking purposeful action, stop ineffective behaviors, learn techniques for self-management and build confidence to take next steps.

By the end of this session you will have a new perspective on your challenge and a range of possibilities that you could not have imagined previously. You will be clear on what you want, feel empowered in your situation, experience more focus and know what you need to do next to achieve a positive outcome.

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Here is what others say about our work together:

I was really nervous about making the investment in coaching with Alicia.  But I found out it was so worth it; I only regret I didn’t find her sooner. Working with Alicia moved me past fear that had paralyzed me and kept me unfocused, frustrated and wasting time and energy. In our first session she honed in on what was keeping me stuck and helped me define the kind of work that would align with my goals and aspirations. She is very practical. Without her help I might still be stuck in a job that kept me stagnant and didn’t allow me to grow. Now I’m in a job I enjoy.  I’m sure I’ll work with her again.
Alicia was gracious when I confessed that I was skeptical in our first session and she was undeterred. I soon realized that her strength lay in her ability to cut to the core of any matter and to guide me to see situations from a holistic perspective in ways I would never have noticed before. She notices themes and patterns where others see only disconnected elements. This has been invaluable to me. Her honesty and courageous authenticity have provided me a confidential sounding board. I realized that it is lonely at the top and I had not realized this until I worked with her. I highly recommend her to anyone in positions of authority who need a critical evaluator and great listener to help you navigate the complexities of today’s world.