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Full Testimonial, Michelle M, April 2019

Having felt very stuck in my life, especially in regards to a big decision for graduate school, I had reached out to Alicia Rodriguez in hopes to find some clarity and confidence in what I was doing.

Prior to my arrival, Alicia and I spent time talking about my situation and what it was I was looking to resolve. Before even arriving in Ecuador, Alicia was able to listen to my concerns and tune my trip & activities to my needs.

I spent with her where I was well taken care of, felt very safe, and ultimately free from the hustle & bustle of regular life. Being able to remove yourself from everyday stress, the beautiful scenery, and having a personal coach and friend to talk to anytime was more than helpful.

From beginning to end, my work with Alicia helped me to shift my perspectives and mindset and really let go of my fears. During our conversations I could physically feel the weight lift off my shoulders, my face would become brighter, and it became easier to breathe as I was letting go of so much crap I held onto. 

My personal work with Alicia was truly groundbreaking.

I was taken aback by how my mind and body has had a huge shift within a single week, which has been ten times more productive/effective than regular CBT therapy (which I had tried the last 2 years!).

I physically felt my mind and body let go of the negative mindset that I had and found power and confidence within myself and my choices.

The one week that I spent with Alicia was truly incredible from both a personal development perspective but also as retreat vacation!

It was surprising how each day’s activity would relate to the ongoing conversation we would have and a takeaway lesson that I still refer back to.

There is also of great importance on having personal time and spending time alone to write and enjoy the beach and clear your mind was very calming and rejuvenating.

My retreat to Ecuador and with Alicia has given me a huge sense of clarity, confidence, energy & motivation (which were some of my biggest concerns) for the next step in my journey.

There are so many lessons that I have learned and held onto since returning and knowing that If there are moments where I may need some encouragement, Alicia is one Skype call away to remind me of those things I’ve learned with her.

Whatever it is that you may have holding you back or if you're looking for a personal one on one retreat, look no further. Alicia Rodriguez is an incredibly intuitive coach, writer, and now my forever friend who I would recommend to anyone looking for the opportunity to grow and learn about yourself.


Full Testimonial, Katy Y, JULY 2019

I am a very logical and analytical person that tends to shy away from "woo woo" coaching or "finding one's purpose" bullshit. Alicia was "prescribed" to me by an incredible powerhouse friend who just felt it in her bones that I had to spend a week with Alicia in Ecuador to unblock my mental frameworks, to reboot the limiting stories about myself and to help me discover the incredible potential that others saw but that I don't seem to see in myself. After just one call with Alicia, everything "felt" right despite my cynical logical mind and I was in Ecuador 9 days later.

She is gifted in asking the right questions that helped me find my own answers. She kept the self-discovery upbeat by triggering my curiosity about my own stories, their origins and how to reframe them to be less self-limiting.

Her wisdom and ability to guide me by asking calming questions helped my soul speak up.

Alicia has guided me to cultivate and listen to my energy just by paying deep attention. It's been a beautiful experience so far and I am grateful to have her as a guide and mirror on my life journey. 

I highly recommend Alicia but only if you are ready and willing to do the work on yourself. She is NOT for you if you are looking for someone to tell you the answers, step-by-step instructions on what to do or how to solve your own problems. She acts as a mirror that helps point you in the right direction, but you still have to do the work. She won't do it for you and THAT IS UBER RARE in this world.