I work with individuals who are ready and committed to making quantum leaps in their life or work from a place of inspiration and desire.

I support those courageous and committed individuals who seek self-knowledge, desire a connection to their divine essence and who want to learn how to be the fullest creative expression of their truth.

I currently take only a limited few clients to mentor. You must demonstrate that you are committed to your ongoing evolution and that you're truly interested in discovering the beauty of who you are and walking the path to being the best for the world.  Our conversations are not transactional, they are meant to be profound, authentic and transformative.

I offer a three-month weekly mentorship that can address one short-term issue. The most value for those seeking a deeper connection to self is a six-month and year-long mentorship that includes staying and working with me at my home Quinta Oasis in Ecuador.  I also offer 90 minute sessions as stand alone's for those who need support around one focus immediately or for those who have worked with me previously.  

For those who are serious about working with me please contact me or schedule a time to speak with me HERE. This conversation is a complimentary inquiry into how we might work together.