I call this Conscious Living.


Welcome. I’m Alicia Rodriguez, a writer, storyteller, mentor, soul explorer, conscious entrepreneur and catalyst for personal growth.

I'm living proof that you can dramatically change your life so that everything you do is in harmony with what truly matters to you...even when the outside world tells you that you're crazy...(which it did in my case)...

I can show you how to:

  • Take what you’ve done in life and translate it into living in total alignment with your Self without judgement or the need for outer validation
  • Shift from the tension of a corporate job to the passion of your own business
  • Take the right steps to go through a life transition with greater ease and less struggle
  • Step out of the chaos and fray into greeting each day calmly and with optimism and a renewed sense of purpose
  • Release limiting beliefs that keep you from activating your potential 
  • Follow your longing, the dream or the call you've been hearing all your life but haven't had the courage, ability or support to manifest it

I began just like my clients...a career path that led to financial success, awards and a network of contacts that would be the envy of most business owners.

Gradually as I became more "conscious" the superficial and material things in life began to lose their significance. I craved deeper conversations, a quieter and slower pace of life and time for reflection and my own spiritual development.

I loved my clients but found I could no longer enter into toxic organizational systems and do my best work. I felt like I had to leave a part of me (the most creative and intuitive part of me) at the door...and it soon became intolerable to do so.

So I began to intentionally choose what brought me alive and what no longer served me gradually fell away. I brought my life into alignment with what I most desired. And...

Alicia PC 1.jpg

I stopped asking for permission.

I’ve been mentored and guided by CEO’s in boardrooms and shamans in the rainforest, by spiritual guides and business gurus.

In 2015 after many years of leadership coaching in the corporate world I let love take me by the hand to the coast of Ecuador.

I followed a vision to build a sacred space for people to safely engage deeper questions and existential conversations that were impossible to engage in their normal, everyday lives.

Now when people ask me what I do I answer…

I am the invitation to a deeper conversation.

Sunset on the beach

I invite you to step out of your everyday life, far from the chaos and pressures of work, and renew yourself, spiritually, physically, emotionally and mentally.

I invite you to conscious living - where you make intentional choices that are in harmony with what brings you alive.

Conscious living means that it's no longer acceptable to settle for less than what you deserve, for less than what you are capable of.

You no longer allow circumstances to dictate your life. You pay attention, choose intentionally and become the creative force in your life.

Time is precious and fleeting. No more waiting for someday.

Here's what I believe that forms the foundation of my work with you.

Marsha Wallace.jpg
 I can’t overstate the value of Alicia’s experience. She asks amazingly insightful questions, supports sessions with relevant materials, (often her own excellent articles and blog posts) all of which are perfectly on target. Her many years of experience and her spiritual foundation made the work we did together rich and rewarding. Working with Alicia has been life-changing. You can count on these things: she is experienced, insightful, creative, intuitive, and committed - an amazing human being.                                  ~ Marsha Wallace | Change Agent


My Story

From corporate board rooms to entrepreneurial networks to living in South America overlooking lush mountains and stunning sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, my story has many chapters.

It took courage, commitment and a belief in my own inner compass to get here. 

I can help you re-write your story and avoid the mistakes I made along the way.

Today I live at my private Quinta on the coast of Ecuador surrounded by fruit trees and ocean views, near a town called Salango, Ecuador with my partner Bolivar, an Andean Wisdom Keeper, and two rescued pups and a crazy kitten.

I delight in meaningful conversations, cooking with friends, fine wine, strong coffee (you’ll find that’s a theme with me), all kinds of animals, reading poetry, a good sense of humor, treks through the rainforest, meditating by the ocean and walks in nature.

In my newsletter, Simple Wisdom, I share insights that turn the ordinary occurrences in life to wisdom teachings for life.

You can read more of my story here, download my inspirational #aliciaisms here, and connect with me here.

If you're ready to rewrite your story I'm here to help.