When A Dream Is Worth Fighting For

Every New Year a mantra reveals itself to me that serves as a compass for my decisions and actions and that challenges me to go beyond my limitations of ego and mind. The mantra is more than just words.  It’s an invitation to break a hypnosis that quietly runs aspects of my life...

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Thoughts on Rebirth
There is joy and fulfillment just around the corner when you are open to the unknown, when you engage a conversation about your truth and what really matters.

Let that be your compass, your true north. Allow that creative expression of your essence to emerge regardless of your age. Allow yourself the blessing of emergence, the blessing of being honest about who you are and the courage to lead your life accordingly.

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Tears, Blood, Brick and Stone

You go through your life seeing what is obvious, what is directly in front of you and you don’t question what is beyond that.  You may be experiencing a challenge or a change in your life that leaves you disoriented and fearful of the unknown.  There arises a tension between letting go and moving on.

You experience this as a loss when it is actually the continuation of your personal journey.  

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