Waking with a Warrior Heart

Waking up to your life

It’s Sunday morning.

This morning I woke up to…nothing. 

No to do list.

No appointments.

No noise.

I wondered how long it might last. 

A few minutes?

An hour?

Who decides?

It’s Sunday morning and the world is waking up.

What are you waking up to?

On a daily basis I wake up to…

The song of the birds as they tweet their buenos días.

The breeze through trees that sway ever so gently in their early morning dance.

Maybe you wake up to…

The noise of traffic as the city streets populate with humans like ants scurrying to find their next meal. 

Perhaps your sleep is abruptly intruded upon by the sound of the shrill alarm clock you set so you wouldn’t oversleep and miss your commute to work.

Are you the one who turns on the dumb box (did I say that?) to watch the new disasters thrown at you like mud-pies soiling your clear sight with fear and aggression?

I made a decision to keep my first hour clean and selfishly mine.  No intrusion from the outer world is welcome until I ground myself in my day with gratitude and intention.

I designed my life so I could wake up present to the tiny birds that sit precariously on the wires outside the house, to enjoy the breeze as it invites the trees to nature’s dance, even to the sound of Sophie my dog barking sweetly claiming her place in my daily life.

Today I choose to make a healthy breakfast after a morning meditation that keeps me in my comfortable bed for a few minutes more to enjoy the transition from sleep to awakeness; no jolt, simply the natural light of the day dawning to invite me into my life.

After the quiet, music (Ludovico Einaudi) that soothes and helps me connect to any intentions I may have forgotten.

The soul remembers when the music touches the heart.

A walk outside to converse with the ocean while Sophie plays in the waves that tease and invite her to run and play tag. 

That is my Sunday morning. 

I may not be able to do this every morning.

But most mornings I wake up just this way, allowing the time and space each morning to become present to myself and my environment and my life intentions.

I fiercely defend my heart, mind and soul from the negativity of the world so that when it does rise, it is met with a warrior’s heart, courage and optimism.

This is the foundation of my work (and life).

I cannot hold space for others if I cannot hold space for myself.

I ask you to claim your morning, when the darkness shifts to light, a symbol of our own dance with life and the cycles of nature that claim each and everyone of us no matter how you resist. 

Be kind to yourself. 

Take care of your soul, your heart, your body and your mind in every moment possible.

You deserve the gift of peace each and every morning even if only for a few minutes.

Now claim it.

Morning Meditation

Begin your day with positive energy.

This simple morning meditation releases stress and helps you ease mindfully into your day before you even get out of bed.