Finding Sacred Spaces in Everyday Life

Path through woods light.jpg

I used to live in Boston, specifically in West Roxbury. The Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain was only a few blocks away, a haven in a city of concrete and glass.  This beautiful and large green oasis in the middle of the city was filled with a diversity of trees with winding paths inviting discovery. I liked to stray from the busy pathways through the trees to lesser used dirt paths created by previous intrepid explorers. I would go there to be with myself (and my dog).

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One day in the late afternoon, when the light was just so, my dog and I discovered an opening tucked between some bushes.  The impulse to explore was strong so we crawled through it.  When we emerged on the other side we found a circular space of ground, surrounded with towering trees, with a beam of light that started above the tree tops and landed right in the center of the circular space like a spotlight.

I remember this clearly because I had gone there to recover from a devastating diagnosis from a doctor that told me I would not be able to have children. I stood in the beam of light and I can say I experienced a transcendental moment.  In my brief conversation with God I simply said, “God, I think this is between you and me and not medicine.”  Later that year I became pregnant with my son.

My dog Brandy and I regularly visited my “cathedral” in the woods, my sacred space. I still carry that experience of sacredness within me.  

You don’t have to go far to find a sacred space.  These spaces are all around us but in our hurried lives we zoom by them, not noticing the invitation to reflect, to be quiet and to experience an inner dialogue with ourselves. 

Where are the sacred spaces in your life? How often do you stop there to recover and reflect?  

There is an open invitation, if you choose to experience it.