life transitions

My greatest fear has been that when I finally show up for my life, I disappear.

That I will no longer exist, when the truth is that when I truly show up, I become more than I ever imagined, limitless and true. 

How was I to know, I was faking it for so long and finally, when I lose myself, I find my SELF?  

Through the nights of terror and the days when ridiculous words flowed out of my mouth as if I were drowning, there was something deep inside me waiting to emerge if only I would get out of my way.

There it was all along waiting to breathe the air of inspiration and feel the breeze of life ripple through the light body so the sun could shine and there would be no turning away and hiding. 

The shadows cast by the light no longer frighten and the earth holds its ground under me while I float through the stars, nothing lost to the universe but embraced in a joyful welcome of the newborn.


Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash