The Only Way To Solve Our Crisis of Consciousness

You act according to your own level of consciousness.

Therefore, the most significant thing you can do in your life is to focus on developing your consciousness.  To become more aware, more open. To study the spiritual texts, to evolve.

If each of us were to focus on our own personal evolution there would be no war, no greed, no resentment. 

If each of us would raise our level of consciousness, we would behave differently.

We would act in ways to support each other and our communities. 

We would understand the value of peace, inner peace and global peace.

We would understand the importance of being in right relation with the planet.

We would understand the value of reflection and appreciate the spark of creativity and the power of diversity.

We would recognize our inherent connection to all things.

Kindness and compassion would walk hand in hand with courage and strength.

The illusion of separateness would dissipate leaving only the power to act from love.

Want to know how to change the world?

Focus on your own personal evolution and THAT is how you take care of the world.