5 Tips To Start The New Year Right



January is the time for a reset as we commence a new year. Here are 5 tips I'd like to share with you on how to get started.

1. Glance back to move forward. Take some time to reflect on your experiences, positive and negative, from 2017. What did you learn? How can you use that to move forward in 2018? 

2. No regrets. Did you make mistakes? Yes, sure, we all did. You made decisions and choices that were the best you could do at the time. Let it go. Don't carry that stuff into 2018. It will only weigh you down. 

3. Amplify who you are becoming. Give yourself some credit for your development. Like a pebble in a pond that causes ripples, how will you amplify your influence and your contributions from the past year into new challenges, endeavors and victories in 2018?

4. Life provides the curriculum for your development.  This is one of my Ten Lessons On Being Fierce. Everything that happens is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, to go deeper into upgrading your operating system. Don’t get stuck in the “ain’t it awfuls”; you’re here today. Do something good with that. 

5. To achieve more you have to be more. We are knots of limiting beliefs. Whether conscious or not, we set limitations on ourselves that keep us from reaching our full potential. We think we are incapable of doing extraordinary things – until we have to (see #4). 

If you’re ready to to dream big and commit to making it happen, then you’ve got to have a self image that yes, you are fully capable of doing what you might’ve said was impossible in 2017. Shift your mindset so your thoughts can support your dreams and actions.

See yourself as MORE so you can achieve MORE.

Whether it’s growing your business, evolving your spirituality, being a better human being or taking on a social cause, challenge pre-conceptions of what you believed was possible.

Get support, find your tribe, raise hell.

Now go out there and make some waves!