What do you tell the children?

I have been thinking about what is happening in the USA and in other parts of the world from my vantage point in Ecuador. Natural disasters, corrupt governments, the bloodstains of hate in city streets and remote villages.  

I chose to stay silent as I processed my own feelings and allowed a kind of emotional distance to pass so I could speak with greater clarity about my thoughts. I’m choosing to share this with you because it may provide a new point of view for my readers. You may agree or disagree and both are fine.

I am Latina, of Colombian parents, and am married to an Ecuadorian man. I choose to live part time in the USA and part time in Ecuador. This living between the oceans has disconnected me from geographical boundaries that limited my identity. I feel more a part of the earth than any one area of it.  My perspective goes beyond the labels we attach to others and to ourselves.  

Like many of you I too struggle with the news that pours out of the television and flashes across my computer screen. I watch as Nature claims her territory from our abuse of the planet. I struggle with the knowledge that the country I called home would elect a person with values so contrary to what I stand for and what I believed others in the USA stood for.  

And there’s the rub.  We as a country became complacent.  We do NOT like discomfort or pain and yet thousands of people responded to his message as a way to move through their pain. There is a profound lesson here that goes beyond an election.  

How willing are we to look into the darkness that is hidden behind the niceties of our culture to recognize that there is something brewing here that like a volcano is erupting with all the violence of any natural disaster?  

What can we learn from this?  

Who do we have to become to take a stand for goodness, for our heritage, for our very existence?

There are profound lessons to be learned here.  To be short sighted is to deny ourselves the value of our existence as humans, not solely defined by the arbitrary labels we place on ourselves and others.  

I am taking the long view.

I believe that before every rebirth comes death and destruction.  We see this in nature. I remember standing by the Chesapeake Bay after Hurricane Sandy had torn apart the place I lived. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the pain of death. I stopped resisting what was being destroyed until I came to such a peaceful, open place within myself.  

When I opened my eyes I could see the beginnings of new plants and watched the birds returning to rebuild their nests. The water shifted from the violent rocking to a peaceful glass-like state.

The world was born anew.

Everything comes in cycles - it’s a universal law.  We are in a death cycle in anticipation of a rebirth.  It is not comfortable.  There will be pain.  And yet those of us who hold love at the core of all we are and do must stand by the water and surrender to the destruction of old ways that no longer serve us so that a renaissance can occur driven by the generative and creative spirit of the best we have to offer.  

We are between stories, between a dying one and another being born.

These times require radical trust, when everything feels like it's falling apart.  From that place right action may be taken individually and collectively to create a new more conscious world.

What do you tell the children?  

You tell them that this too shall pass.

You tell them that they are being called to show up with their very best to help us move into this renaissance.  

You tell them that at the core of everything love will always prevail.  

You tell them to hug each other, hug those unlike them.

You tell them to listen and learn to be present to pain, their own and others, so that we can all learn and serve one another, truly, not just in words. 

You tell them that no one defines who they are, that they are at choice to be the men and women that boldly stand up for their families, their communities.  They will always have a choice no matter who is in power.

Lovers will continue to love, artists will continue to create, writers will use their words to spur change, and women will learn where their real power lies and will finally embrace that without the conditioning of the culture.

We do not have to change into monsters because of monsters. 

I hope this helps your process and that you receive this with an embrace from another who feels deeply the pain in our world... and has learned to stand in it with an open heart.