A Poem for Troubled Times: The Silent Ones

There are days, like today, that I just have to keep the television off and the noise from the internet away. My heart aches when I see the pain humans cause one another. Don't we know who we really are? Are we so attached to power that we abuse one another to feel more important, more powerful, than another person?

Where does love appear when the battlefields are in our minds?

This world needs healing - and healers. They walk among us, unseen, incognito, hiding in plain sight. You may know one or a few. They are the silent ones, doing their work quietly, without publicity or fame.

They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things because they know who they are and where they come from.

I wrote this poem a while ago but never published it. The poem was in itself a silent one, waiting for the time when these words might provide solace and hope to a world run amuck. Look for the silent ones, they are standing beside you but you don't yet see them. They are fully present in the light and darkness of life, without judgement, doing their profound work in whatever way they can.

Blessings to you and to all for our healing and continued evolution, no matter how difficult.

* * * * * 

The Silent Ones

Walk softly on the earth

Between the spaces of our lives

Leaving droplets of wisdom

In a silent gaze

That shifts everything

The silent ones

Lay no claim to goodness

Do not seek fame or limelight

Dissolve into the evening starlight

Without a word or wave

No need to say farewell

The silent ones

Change everything yet are unseen

Pulse to the universal rhythm

Outside of human drama and noise

Dropping love petals in their path

Gifts from another place

The silent ones

Need not speak, or sing or write

A gaze, a silence, a tear

Love without measure

The language they speak

For those few that can understand

The silent ones

Wait for the rising

Pray for the dawn

Hope for the awakening

Patiently doing their work


The silent ones…