Two Words To Empower Life in 2018

Every New Year a mantra reveals itself to me that serves as a compass for my decisions and actions and that challenges me to go beyond my limitations of ego and mind. The mantra is more than just words.  It’s an invitation to break a hypnosis that quietly runs aspects of my life.  It can be subtle and although it may seem obvious there is always a much deeper, hidden meaning behind the simple words.

Each year that goes by I get closer to the center of my being and become increasingly intolerant of things, relationships, work and habits that only serve to keep me stuck in a kind of suspended animation. I become more aware of the “shoulds” that I have integrated from the others that deny my freedom and authenticity. This year I realized that to protect the essential Self requires a stepping in and stepping up in a very personal way.

It requires me to be fierce in my determination to keep evolving and to take a stand for my own truth.  I have noticed how I have unconsciously traded my power for affirmation even as I have stood firmly for my beliefs in others and in myself. This labyrinth of the mind is finally observable to me and with that awareness I step into a new year of possibilities.

This holding up a mirror to myself is difficult work. Sometimes I don’t like what I see. Sometimes I see how I can project my fears on others and how others project their fears on me. As soon as I allow someone to define me I lose my true self and that means I lose my way. If I do not know myself I will not understand my relation to the rest of the world. If I deny the true relationship with my Self I will not be able to co-create with others from a place of truth and wisdom.

I am fiercely claiming my right to name myself from the inside out, not the outside in. It maintains my personal truth as my compass. I am making a choice about who I am and how I choose to live from my core.

That choice is inner freedom. From there I generate aliveness and energy that is the foundation of any endeavor I undertake.

I want to see my life as the generative flow of the universe that manifests beauty and love. The rest is transactional.

We so often focus on results and outcomes, the concrete elements of our work and lives, and so we create things that hold no inspiration, no life force, no magic. There is work to be done before the work is done.

I know that if I am to keep growing, I have to feed my soul first. I must first remove the distractions that keep me focused on the external mechanics and compromise the internal life-giving dream that is at the source of my work.

I must take long walks in Nature, I must attend to my health and well-being, I must be present and available to share my wisdom and gifts with others.

I must fiercely protect my soul from harm for that is the source of my truth and only when that soul is nourished and my heart is open can I manifest my unique beauty and truth.

I must begin at the point of zero from where my true masterpiece will emerge.

The enemy is fear and I have become intimate with fear so that I can transcend it. I recognize where that fear is within me and explore what inner forces trigger that fear. I name them, look at them and ultimately transcend those forces so they become energy that is generating life, not more fear.

When I surrender my truth to anyone or anything I grant it power over me. If I bow to fear, I lose my way and I am no longer in right relation with myself or with the world.

I am therefore no longer free.

I am at a cusp in my life, a defining moment. I cannot look to anyone or anything for approval or allow projections to taint the spiritual longing I have for my life to be truly an expression of my soul.

There is something so much more to do here that is beyond an end result or outcome. It begins with the internal work I do intentionally before the external work. That internal work is done in silence.

The soul appears speaking in that silence and provides the direction to act in the world. I simply cannot create anything worthwhile from any other place.

As a new year begins I see the true nature of things. This generates the life-giving energy to co-create new things in the world. I am able to serve as a reflection for others to see their own true nature.

Everything depends on my journey to see myself clearly, truthfully and as a larger possibility than my ego has allowed.

Everyone and everything has its essential nature. It is not my role or responsibility to change that but to learn to dance with what is present. This takes courage and a ferocity of spirit. It requires a release from attachment to any rote plans of how things should be done or how people should be.

Fierce presence is needed to co-create beauty and magic.

These encounters occur when the full power and creative force of two or more beings are at play. Since there are no scripts, no instructions, there are also no assurances or guarantees in playing full out. These encounters hold the life-giving force of stars when they meet with their full force exploding into a new nebula of light and energy.

This is what makes life worth living. This is what I wake up for every day. This makes dreams worth fighting for. And this is my declaration for 2018.  To keep looking beyond the obvious, beyond what is seen or felt, for that something that cannot be known.

From this place of the unknown a new truth based on love and creation emerges to create the path I walk. Not love as I have known it but a limitless love, what Rumi called The Beloved, is now opening to me.

My 2018 mantra is simple yet it is the source of my power and my courage. Two words that encompass so much. Choose Love.  That is the mantra that was revealed to me.

What will it be for you?

(I invite you to share in the comments and I will reply.)