The Truth About Spiritual Warriors

Spiritual Warriors

A few thoughts on Being A Spiritual Warrior

“We are more than we believe, perhaps better stated we are cosmic beings having an earthly experience. The question is whether or not we are able to live from our cosmic home even as we are earthbound.  I don’t know of anything more difficult, or more worthy of the effort.”

The path of the spiritual warrior is not based on a struggle of good versus evil or light versus shadow.  It consists of a surrendering to the present, a surrender that occurs when I realize that those things I struggle against or with are actually part of what is hidden within me.  When I accept this, I feel compassion for the being I am and the struggle can end. 

I have laid down my sword in the face of what is my truth and in that surrender is freedom.

The path of the spiritual warrior is a path of surrender, not struggle against. 

It’s a path of acceptance, not will.

It’s a path of love, not war. 

Because the goal of the spiritual warrior is unity with the divine to achieve true peace, the only road to peace is through a surrender to spirit. When the warrior in me surrenders to the fact that anything I fight is a projection, I discover that peace which comes from a feeling of love, compassion and unity. The real path of the spiritual warrior is this so that I can forge the path anew.

There is no slaying of dragons and heroic episodes but only to recognize that if there is a dragon, I am the dragon and the whole story is an illusion I created. 

It’s taken time for me to realize that my spiritual path is based on surrendering to what is true and present right now, in the face of all the stories I have created for myself or others have created for me and I accepted; and that the only way for me to grow spiritually is to give myself over to something greater than myself that cannot be defined.

Still, despite my stories and illusions there is something deeper that remains consistent and persistent.  It is that consciousness which continues to expand with the events of my life, the success and the failures, the joys and the sorrows, to integrate the lessons I learn and that no matter what constantly renews itself because that consciousness exists beyond me and always has and always will.