When Stillness Becomes Alive

I want you to stop, stop everything.



Stop doing what you’re doing.

Stop doing what you always do.

Stop running to catch up to yourself.

Just stop.


Because doing what you always do keeps you exactly where you are.

How long do you want to stay exactly there?

It doesn’t mean that “there” is bad or negative.  It could be fantastic there.  You might have the most amazing life there.

But it’s only for the moment.  You are here only for the moment.

And you don’t grow if you stand still.

Notice a paradox here? Yeah.

I’m saying stop and I’m staying don’t stand still.

It may be confusing. Yes, I understand that.

Let me explain.

Life is in constant motion. It’s a universal law that nothing stays the same. All your cells are regenerating right now. The planet is constantly spinning. The breeze outside will subside in an hour. The tides ebb and flow. Nothing is permanent.

But what happens when that movement is unconscious?  When how you are moving and where you are moving to lacks awareness, presence and the intention to be moving in that direction?

You end up being carried by a river of events as you resist the flow, trying to hold onto whatever you felt kept you safe.  So you keep doing the same things you always do because it’s familiar. You feel secure even as the tsunami of change is upon you.


Just Stop.

Because you don’t know where you’re going, why you’re going and the resistance to what is calling you keeps you stuck where you are.  Not where you should or want to be.

When you stop, when you pause, you interrupt the patterns that keep you stuck.  You build awareness that things have indeed changed but you have not changed with them.  You notice that who you thought you were is not who you are.


Just Stop.

Take that pause. Do something unlike what you’ve been doing. Break your conditioned pattern and notice what emerges from that change.

Something new.  Something you didn’t expect…

…A new way to be in harmony with your Self, with your work, with others.

But you won’t experience this unless you stop…

This pause takes courage, faith and trust.

You may be going so fast because it’s what you know.

You may be running so that the truth of who you are today doesn’t catch up with you.

What if it does?

What is it that you don’t trust?  What have you lost faith in?

What are you afraid will happen in the still moment when everything that envelops you falls away?

Can you trust yourself to pause so you can acknowledge and embrace your truth?

This pause holds the possibility for transformation.

Stop. Be still. Listen.

Have faith that what you hear is exactly what you need right now.

This whisper is coming from a sacred place, one that holds more power than you have believed possible.

Stop fighting the flow of time and align with that universal movement to manifest what you were meant to manifest now.

In the middle of the rushing river, lie back into the flow and no, you won’t drown. You’ll still be moving even as you are still.  The flow of what is will show you what you are meant to acknowledge in this moment. 

Stillness becomes alive.

And then you’ll know what you didn’t know before.

You’ll know who you are in this moment and what you need in this moment.

And only in the present moment does any form of creation happen.


Just stop.

Trust yourself and discover yourself anew in this moment.

Break the old patterns that keep you exactly where you are.

Consciously get in the flow of your life and you’ll be happier, more authentic and fulfilled.

For now, pause until that stillness becomes alive.