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they call it work life balance...

But there's nothing in balance about it.

You work hard.

You work long hours.

And then you go home to your family where you cook dinner, do homework and get the kids ready for bed and their next day.

Or you're commuting long hours and attending all the networking events until you arrive home in time to microwave your meal, read your email (again) and finally get to bed.

Or you've got new projects, a new team, or a new job and you need to be on your A-game to make it work...but you're SO TIRED all the time and beginning to feel resentful.

You have two speeds: on and off.

Where's "Me Time"?

Self-care is not an option for busy people.

It's the foundation on which your life rests.

Taking care of yourself builds your resilience so you're not only feeling well but you're making the best decisions, finding solutions and ready to take on the unexpected.

You don't have to take a month off or spend hours at a gym or delegate your personal life to someone else.

I can teach you 3 minute practices that keep you energized all day long.

I can show you how to manage your time so you're not running from one place to another breathless, unprepared and off center.

I can share a simple morning and nightly ritual that will set you up for a productive day and a restful night.

And when you're ready...

We can then go deeper in our conversations so you can discover how spirituality – purpose, intention, grace – play a role in your personal and professional well being. 


I can show you how to take care of yourself first and avoid burning out or wasting precious time on things that don't matter. 


Let's Work Together

This one hour laser session is for clients who need some simple practices to incorporate in their lives to maintain wellness and calm. 

You'll know if working with me is right and if you're ready to go further.

These sessions are best when we focus on your mindset and beliefs so you can make sustainable changes in your life to incorporate self-care consistently.

You'll incorporate simple mindfulness practices to sustain you all day long

If you're a busy executive or entrepreneur or a working parent this option will explore ways you can better manage your time and energy at home and at work.

“Alicia gave the solid support to make the big steps in my life, to step out on my own, both personally and professionally. She’s spiritual, but breaks it down into actionable advice. Alicia taught me how to say no, accept that I am enough and define what it is that matters most. She showed me a bigger view of my world, and turned me into a better leader, a better person and a better partner.”— Kimberly Reuter | Seattle WA