At my home in Ecuador - Quinta Oasis in Ecuador

At my home in Ecuador - Quinta Oasis in Ecuador


Hello there...

You found your way to my virtual home so let me welcome you with a warm embrace and a cup of coffee (dark, rich and strong to get your juices going.) I’m Alicia Rodriguez.

I don’t know how you arrived here but I’m glad you did. Synchronicity plays a big role in my life and maybe yours too. The time must be right for us to meet. Perhaps we’ll find that our stories have something (or much) in common.

Because it’s all about our stories, right? They connect us to each other, inviting us into our shared humanity and divine essence.

I write stories that make a difference for people. I want to inspire but more than that I want to provide light, hope, even in the middle of darkness. I help you stand in the light and CREATE something new, significant, more real and authentic, in your life and work.

I want you to see yourself as LIMITLESS.

Behind this I want to tell stories that matter, stories about the nature of what it means to be spirit in a human form. Stories about why you exist and how you can be better, to reach your potential, whatever that may be.
— Alicia M. Rodriguez

I love stories almost as much as I love questions.  Since you’re here, I’ll begin by sharing my story. My hope is that one day we’ll sit across from one another, even if we’re on opposite sides of the planet, and you’ll share your story with me.

First and foremost, I’ll share that I am a storyteller in the tradition of the cantadoras of the past, slyly hiding life lessons in stories filled with humor, irony and a look at the human condition through the eyes of a cosmic observer.

I've been writing since I was ten years old, a rebellious act against the teachers who only saw a little girl of some foreign origin and assumed that there was nothing of value there. 

Why do I write? Because it’s like breathing. I can’t not write and live.

Horseback riding in Ecuador

Horseback riding in Ecuador

My writing has appeared in Thrive Global, Tiny Buddha, The Wellness Universe, Smart CEO MagazineHigh Existence Online Magazine, Learn, Evolve and Thrive, Medium and many other sites and publications.

I’ve published two books, my latest, Manage Your Life Before Life Manages You: More Joy and Less Stress in 365 Days, offers busy people bite-size practices and inspiration for conscious living.

My heart has always been in prose and poetry, the language that dances to the music of the soul. Because of its universal nature I have been drawn to travel, indulging an insatiable curiosity about our common experience as human beings, lived differently yet still connected like drops in some universal ocean. This informs so much of my work with my clients around the world.

Ever since I can remember I have had extraordinary visions, daydreams and whispers coming to me from some unknown yet familiar place. We call that intuition today.

I call that wisdom and it is my greatest gift. It took me years to embrace it and hold it lightly.

I've been called names, but not nasty ones. Warrior, sage, alchemist and poet are my favorites.

I'm fascinated by questions…

Not the obvious ones, but the ones that lie buried beneath the surface calling to be explored.

I agree with Rilke when he said, 

" patient towards all that is unresolved in your heart and try to love the questions themselves..." 




Marsha Wallace.jpg
You led me to a most profound revelation about opening my heart and how it relates to my sense of connection to what I do. It will also enable my soul to voice its longing so that I can follow it. After I realized the power of that heart connection, that it is actually LOVE - I also then realized that love really is the only true power, and if we can access that abundant love and heart-centeredness, there is really nothing we cannot do. It was a revelation that just kept me enthralled!
— Marsha Wallace | Change Agent

When people ask what I do, I answer simply,

I am the invitation to a deeper conversation.


If we’re going to be friends, you should know what I stand for:

o   I believe that you must follow your longing to know yourself at a deeper level.

o   I believe that you are so much more than what you do and how you see yourself.

o   I believe that you must be real in all aspects of your life or you’ll forever be seeking “out there” when all of the goodness was “in here”.

o   I believe that fear is a call to attention that must be engaged, not avoided, so it transforms into a positive energy for creation.

o   I believe that everything is energy and that everything is in constant motion; it’s like a universal law.

o   I believe that who you are is enough. When you don’t recognize your enoughness you give away your power.

o   I believe that you can’t use a thinking framework to resolve existential questions. The mind is just incapable of going where there are no limits.

o   I believe that you are indeed a spiritual being having a human experience and this belief provides the lens through which I write and work.

o   I believe that the spiritual and the mundane can, and must, co-exist harmoniously for you to fully realize your potential.

Alicia gave the solid support to make the big steps in my life, to step out on my own, both personally and professionally. She’s spiritual, but breaks it down into actionable advice. Alicia taught me how to say no, accept that I am enough and define what it is that matters most. She showed me a bigger view of my world, and turned me into a better leader, a better person and a better partner.
— Kimberly Reuter | Seattle WA


Through my writing, books, articles or my blog, I share stories that inspire you and connect. My stories awaken the longing within and replace it with the courage to act on your dreams. That’s what conscious living is all about.

I revel in sitting around the virtual campfire telling stories that stir the soul and clarify the truth for you so you can see your place in the world with fresh eyes.  

Epiphanies are my specialty.


There are times when I’m writing that I draw a complete blank. I have no idea what I’ll be putting on paper. Sometimes I just sit there for a really long time. It looks like I’m not doing anything, just sitting…


I hear the words like an echo from far away. And then it’s like taking dictation and the words flow, they take form and suddenly wisdom appears on paper announcing itself to the world with an urgency to be shared.

Writing YOUR story is like that too.

Sometimes you get stuck. You feel overwhelmed by a void that you can’t face. You feel confused, lost, scared. And you so want to run away but you feel paralyzed.

Don’t run.

Remain present with it. Listen. Feel. Surrender to it. Then start your story anew courageously and radically trusting the truth of that wisdom that speaks to you softly but firmly.

Being the author of your story is about unapologetically embracing your light and your shadow, your perfections and imperfections, your beauty, grace and your fear and vulnerability.

It’s about feeling joy and being free to consciously choose how you want to live your life and designing a blueprint to live into it.

Writing your story isn’t easy. It takes time, presence and trust that what is emerging is right for you. It’s a creative process that blossoms into the fullest expression of who you are.

Writing your story requires editing out what no longer serves. You will break through old patterns of thinking, assumptions and beliefs that limit you.

You will stop giving over your energy to relationships, or work, that deplete your soul and diminish your light.

You will release the old stories that held you captive because they now ring hollow and untrue.

There may be times when you question your desire to be more, when fear will get the better of you. Those are the times that call for radical trust – in yourself.

At the deepest level my work is to help you make the quantum leap in your life that allows you to rewrite your story.


o   You’re a change agent, magic maker and social entrepreneur ready to define and implement your vision to better the world

o   You’re on the verge of retiring and are ready to write your legacy chapter but don't know where to begin

o   You’re already the visionary global leader, artist or entrepreneur that magazines write about and want to evolve your human being-ness to advance a greater cause

o   You’re ready to share your art, ideas and experience in service of a greater purpose

o   You’d like to become that strong, confident and empowered man or woman that you aspire to be sooner and without struggle

o   You’re a busy professional that imagines herself working out, spending time with friends, traveling and having more fun and adventures while enjoying a meaningful career

o   You’ve experienced a big, unexpected change in your life and see it as an opportunity to get clear on a transition that brings you closer to your truth


o   People admire you as a high achiever but you still feel like an imposter

o   You know you’re ready for a big change but you still can’t envision it let alone create the blueprint for it

o   You know you have a gift to contribute but you’re not sure how to manifest it

o   Life is so busy you don’t have time to breathe yet you know something has to give – and you don’t want it to be your health

o   You’re done with being a lone wolf and need an advocate, mentor and a kick butt advisor to challenge you through your plateau with honest feedback and fearless questions

o   You’ve got so many roles – parent, daughter, father, mother, business person – and it’s become difficult managing your life and stress

o   Your confidence has really taken a hit and you’re ready to recover your awesomeness by removing self-sabotaging thoughts and habits

o   Your boundaries are almost non-existent so you are constantly over-committed and over-whelmed


As a writer, storyteller and mentor I weave the principles of quantum thinking, spiritual teachings and practical experience into an approach for conscious living.


I’ve been working in the field of leadership for the past twenty years and in that time have worked with thousands of people at all levels in business, at all stages in their lives and in locations around the globe.

Whether it’s on the blog, through my books, in my online courses, in a private mentorship or in my retreat vacations at my home on the coast of Ecuador, I’m here to help you transform your fear to motivation and your dreams to reality so you can be the author of the masterpiece that is your life.


Daniel Sheres.jpg
I am very fortunate to have found such a mentor in Alicia. Through my work with her, I have achieved a level of clarity in my purpose and my offer that has eluded me for years now. She can see through even the most seemingly complex situations and go right to the heart of the matter with a simple question. I have left every meeting with Alicia with a focus toward action and a renewed sense of confidence. I am grateful for our time together and will be utilizing her as a resource for years to come.
— Daniel Sheres | Leadership Coach

My Story

In Otavalo, Ecuador for Christmas 2013 with my adopted children.

I grew up looking and feeling very different than others. Not only was I Latina but I could sense things deeply, things that went unnoticed by others. I learned at a very young age to keep those intuitions to myself or face mocking and humiliation.

My mother was my hero. Her wisdom far surpassed anyone who I have met in my life. It was simple, direct and always right on. She taught me to honor my own wisdom in a world that demanded conformity of thought.

I went to college in Maine and swore I would never be that cold again. I spent most of my adult life seeking warmer weather and always, the ocean.

2012 was a big year for me. After two years of separation I got divorced. On a whim I accepted a friend's invitation to Ecuador. That decision changed the course of my life.

I met and fell in love with the man who is now my partner. He is a psychologist and Andean Wisdom Keeper. We share a deep respect for the sublime and are focused on helping others discover and manifest their true nature.

In 2017 I moved full-time to Salango, Ecuador, a small town on the coast of Ecuador, where we built Quinta Oasis, a sacred space for weary travelers to take refuge for a bit and renew themselves.  It's here, inspired by this beautiful landscape, that I write and do my work.

Moving here and building Quinta Oasis was a courageous act that rewrote the story I had planned for myself. It is so much more rich, adventuresome and delightful than the story I had planned.

It became fully integrated when I took a stand for myself.

I've been in the same place as you are now.

What I've learned I use to help you rewrite YOUR story.

Here is the blog post that started a new chapter in my life doing this work with greater focus and commitment.


I have a B.A. from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and a M.A. (Interdisciplinary Studies: Women's Development and Writing) from Lesley University in Cambridge Massachusetts

I am an ICF accredited Professional Certified Coach, trained at Georgetown University's Leadership Coaching Certification Program

My writing has been featured in

Thrive Global. Thrive Global’s mission is to end the stress and burnout epidemic by offering companies and individuals sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance both well-being and performance.

Smart CEO Magazine: Interior MattersLeadership Columnist

Tiny Buddha, Founded in 2009, Tiny Buddha has emerged as a leading resource for peace and happiness, with close to three million readers 

The Wellness Universe. The Wellness Universe's mission is to revolutionize the wellness industry, elevate health and well-being, gather, support and empower an evolutionary wellness community and ultimately inspire peace globally.  

High Existence Online Magazine. Our mission is to provide a medium for free thinking individuals to connect and discuss, to compel you to follow your bliss & make a life, not a career, explore all aspects of the human condition.

Learn, Evolve and Thrive. Learn Evolve and Thrive is a website dedicated to providing quality advice and insights on health, wealth, happiness and relationships.

Bon Bon Break: Bon Bon Break introduces exceptional blogs in an easy and fun format for busy moms.

Linked In Articles: Professional and Personal Development posts and articles on Linked In

Medium: Posts and Essays on transformation and personal development and more

Self Growth: Online Self Improvement Community

Colors Magazine – A Multicultural Review: Colors’ mission is to feature the sense of human activities in all its dimension, extension and intensity, thus giving life a multifaceted colorfulness.

International Coaching News - ICN is a leading online magazine created by the leaders in the coaching industry.

Peer Resources: Online Journal for the coaching industry

Want to know more about me? Read a longer version of my bio here.