Are you ready to live the extraordinary life
that you desire and deserve?

I teach busy executive women and entrepreneurs how to instill conscious practices that shift them out of overwhelm and enhance their wellbeing so that they better manage their time and energy, build personal resiliency and leverage their passion to lead more effectively. 

I’ve done this in my life and can help you do it too.

I call it Conscious Living. Schedule time with me to learn how I can help you shift from overwhelmed to overjoyed. 


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“I believe that until we are authentic in the way we work and live we will not be able to find real joy, fulfillment and happiness.” -Alicia M. Rodriguez

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living means that you intentionally create an extraordinary life, work and business because you are confident in who you are and what you offer the world.


Even when things are going well one moment, the next moment you wake up and feel different about your life. Something calls to you but you're unsure of the way through. I can guide you through the significant transitions in your life with ease and grace.

I work with ambitious women who are choosing to live life on purpose, making a difference in their businesses, communities and families. They are CEO’s, creative and social entrepreneurs. Our one on one conversations challenge you to see beyond your current capacity.

You were put on this earth for a reason. How will you express yourself, what impact would you like to make? You’ve done so much already but there is much more vitality, creativity and wisdom you can share in service of a heart-centered cause. Our conversations inquire into the story you write about your life. Legacy begins the moment you commit.

I offer a whole person transformational approach that integrates mind, body, heart and spirit practices and creates harmony between the active and receptive energy in every person.

There is a way to have your life and work flow in harmony.  It's called Conscious Living. Let me show you how…

How does that sound? How about we chat for a few minutes and explore what you need?


“Alicia is a life coach who has seen me through difficult situations, transitional periods and crossroads. She has the unique ability to listen and then ask questions that make you look at yourself, the situation and/or the decision in a completely new light. She never moves you in a direction but asks the correct questions to give you that aha moment that was in you the whole time. I would highly recommend Alicia.”
-Michele Goldsmith, Corporate Executive, Chicago IL

You’re probably wondering how I did it myself and  how I can help you design a life in alignment with your true nature.


Learn daily simple practices that you can incorporate in your busy life to thrive in life and work. Small steps. Big results.