My name is Alicia, writer, storyteller, and mentor to hundreds of women embarking on a path to conscious living.

Conscious living means choosing to live and thrive with pure intention, not living at the whim of circumstance.

It means making intentional choices that align with your overall well-being while clearing a path for your intuitive voice to whisper the truth. It means choosing self-love over selfishness, honoring what feels good, and nourishing life-giving relationships through practical spirituality. Conscious living is the antidote to “either/or” scarcity thinking that tells us that we are not enough. It’s ease, space, and simplicity that we crave in a cluttered world; the lightness of being that comes with sorting through the heavy things that no longer serve us.

From the rainforests of Ecuador, to the boardrooms of Washington, DC, I've taught women how to move out of the darkness to dance in the light.

My work is mysterious, but most importantly, it is unique. It doesn’t look, feel, or sound like any other personal development services you might have seen in your travels, which is why my clients feel seismic shifts in their lives when they commit to doing the work with me. I have walked down hard paths and high roads, collecting pieces of timeless wisdom with each step and tracing a path for others in the midst. My experiences — professionally and personally — have softened my heart and sharpened my mind, so that I may guide others through transitions and challenges in their lives.

If you’ve ever struggled with putting yourself first, settling for less, or allowing fear to take the lead, I can help you not only take the first step – but take your life back for good. When you choose to enter the present with a guide who can help you see the path ahead, you return unburdened and open to colorful new possibilities. You finally feel comfortable choosing yourself, coming out of your shell, and blossoming into the confident woman you were always meant to be.

It’s not my job to be that guide. It’s my calling.

“When you feel like you can’t get up one more time, I will get you up. And I will help you stand. And you will walk into your life owning both the light and the shadow.”

Never worked with a guide this way before? Before we begin the journey together, let me share what you can expect along the way.


Tips, practices, and guidance for helping you live a more conscious, productive life.