Are you ready to live the extraordinary life
you were meant to live?

I teach busy professional women daily practices and simple ways to make more intentional choices so they can shift out of overwhelm and enjoy everything an extraordinary life has to offer.

I’ve done this in my life and can help you do it too.

I call it Conscious Living.

“I believe that until we are authentic in the way we work and live we will not be able to find real joy, fulfillment and happiness.” -Alicia M. Rodriguez

What is Conscious Living?

Conscious Living means that you intentionally create an extraordinary life, work and business because you are confident in who you are and what you offer the world.


Conscious living is based in inspiration but made practical in its application.

I have coached thousands of busy professional women like you to…

- Start a heart-centered business where your skills and experience are valued and rewarded.

- Gracefully make significant life transitions by getting clear on what you need and want and creating a plan to move from where you are to where you want to be.

- Lose the stress and start incorporating practices that keep you healthy and resilient.

- Choose a new direction in life and career, one that is more aligned with your true nature.

- Start living and leading authentically, becoming the best version of yourself.

- Get back your edge and return to your A-game more authentically and without compromising who you are.

- Identify and leverage your strengths, talents and skills to move ahead in your business and career.

-Find more time in your life for the things you enjoy and that are important to you.

- Meet those personal milestones and goals that you had set aside to take care of others.

- Have time for adventure, travel, personal learning and FUN!

- Stop apologizing for taking care of your own needs first (center of your Universe concept).

- Manifest the dream that you thought was impossible – designing a life that is authentic and the full expression of your creative potential.

- Become more confident, courageously making intentional choices so you manage your life instead of life managing you.

- Become a happier more productive woman, able to find peace, time for yourself and more meaning and joy on a daily basis.

How does that sound? How about we chat for a few minutes and explore what you need?


“Alicia is a life coach who has seen me through difficult situations, transitional periods and crossroads. She has the unique ability to listen and then ask questions that make you look at yourself, the situation and/or the decision in a completely new light. She never moves you in a direction but asks the correct questions to give you that aha moment that was in you the whole time. I would highly recommend Alicia.”
-Michele Goldsmith, Corporate Executive, Chicago IL

You’re probably wondering how I did it myself and how I can help you design a life in alignment with your true nature.


Tips, practices, and guidance for helping you live a more conscious, productive life.